We Believe in Jesus

We believe Jesus lived on earth and died to pay the price for our sin but then rose from the dead so we could have a relationship with him.  

We Believe the Bible

We believe Jesus lived because people saw it and wrote down what they saw in what's now called the Bible.  We think that's worth thinking about. 

We Value Relevance

We believe the way Jesus lived is incredibly relevant for our lives today, so we get together and help each other try to live that way.  We live real lives in today’s world, so our music and communication are relevant for today.

We Value People

We believe Jesus changes lives.  We’re real people living our lives trying to live like Jesus.  We don’t always get that right, we each find ways to mess it up everyday.   Focusing on what unites us keeps us pointing people back to Jesus.  We encourage each other to use the abilities God has given to help those around them. 

We know that not everyone may believe these things, but everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday to see how these values have change our lives.